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Deutsches EURO-Institut

Investment Vehicles - Capital Acquisition - Analysis - Rating - Certification


Deutsches Euro-Institut

"Our mission as a global advisor is that of a trusted partner – from strategy through to fundraising implementation and investor communication, we help our clients understand the challenges and opportunities created by the changing investment environment, and act upon them."

About us

Fund Advisory

We assess today's funding opportunities and pre-empt investor concerns by understanding the market environment and investor expectations.

Investor Communications

The goal is to build investor trust and loyalty to keep existing investors and to lay the groundwork for future fundraising efforts.

Fund Placement

You have to be familiar with the local market conditions and investor preferences to stand out from the crowd.

Operational Pedigree

  • Experienced team for AIF setup and management

  • Support for first-time fund managers and fund GPs to scale their fund's activities

  • All stages and strategies

Germany, Monaco, Luxembourg & EU

  • Trusted service provider for leading German and European AIF managers

  • German and Luxembourg footprint with local expert teams

  • Strong international financial network

High-Quality Client Orientation

  • Sharing best practices and operational synergies

  • Tailored services

Fund Advisory

By understanding the market environment and investor expectations we assess today's funding opportunities and pre-empt investor concerns.


Investment Vehicles Structuring

With an experienced team for AIF set-up and management. The Euro-Insitut provides tailored services, sharing the best practices and operational synergies.

Corporate Development

As an institute for company rating according to Basel II, equity procurement, M&A, company revitalization and external controlling, we are the official cooperation partner of reputable banks, large investment companies and over 400 well-known private investors from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Corporate Finance

Target-oriented equity and debt capital acquisition for medium-sized companies with annual sales of € 5 million or more. Our equity provider network consists of German and Swiss private investors, Venture capital companies, and classic investment companies.

Merger & Acquisition

As specialists with many years of experience in this field, we will guide you sensitively, discreetly, and step-by-step through the merger & acquisition processes searching for suitable buyers, partners, or successors.

Corporate Re-structuring

Since 1995, we have shifted our consulting focus to renovation, revitalization, and activation of unused potential since our original history as an exclusive strategic and operational management consultancy. Activation of unused potential and cost-oriented company support during the renovation as well as in expansion and revitalization phases.

Deutsches EURO-Institut is recognized by

Future advice with a 10-point action plan (recession advice)
Climate change and its opportunity
Risk management (holdings, investments, supply chain, etc.)
Political contacts
Investment opportunities in innovative fields including health apps and applications, telemedicine
Investor contacts
Corporate streamlining
Trusted service provider for leading German and European Fund managers

How can we help you?

Get in touch with us or find an office closest to you.

Your Advantage

  • Leading economies are of greatest interest for international players of the financial industry.

  • More than one thousand providers of financial services and financial products are operating in Germany. Although heavy competition prevails, dozens of new providers push into the market every year.

  • These enterprises encounter limited resources in the fields of sales and marketing. Therefore, a considerable increase can be perceived in the willingness to outsource tasks to established high-performance service providers.

Access to proven networks and structures makes it possible for you

to calculate your costs on the basis of fixed cost contracts


to realize an efficient market entrance with a significant gain in time.


Founders and Team

Wolfgang Wetzel
CEO and Founder
Dr. Alexander Kern
Managing Partner Euro-Institute Monaco

Members of the EURO-Institut team are accomplished professionals

  • Professional consultants with first-hand experiences from financial and legal to technology sectors.

  • Management team with extensive knowledge in the fund structuring and capital acquisition process.

  • The team has over 100 years of experience in the financial and legal development of investment vehicles in European legislation.

  • The team brings together a global network of more than 2800 private and institutional inventors.



1h consultation: €400



Our Address

Waldstraße 5

21521 Wohltorf

Tel.:  +49 (0) 4104 - 96288-1

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