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About Us

  • The Deutsches EURO-Institut applies an aforethought approach combined with timely global and local market information. Our unique combination of resources, experience, and expertise allows us to provide clients a comprehensive array of strategic financial advisory, execution capabilities, and capital raising.

  • We tailor these capabilities to the particular needs of each client to ensure that their expectations are exceeded. Hence, the Deutsches EURO-Institut is able to offer an integrated service covering the important areas of interest to clients, including:

    • Investment vehicle structuring and placement

    • Tax, estate, and business planning

    • Onshore and offshore corporate and fiduciary activities

  • Professionally qualified and experienced consultants guide and assist our clients and partners through the intricacies of the fund management and estate planning requirements in European jurisdictions where clients reside, operate, hold assets, or plan to enter.

  • As an independent advisor to investment firms and family offices, the company manages trusts, corporations, foundations, and other legal structures and their underlying assets. Moreover, a wide range of services includes rating and reporting, risk management, objective financial counsel, trusteeship, and fund management, is provided.

  • The Deutsches EURO-Institut provides superior advisory services for international financial, commercial, and private institutions through end-to-end solutions for European investment vehicles' advisory and capital acquisition.

  • The Deutsches EURO-Institut was found in 1998 with offices in Germany and Monaco as an independent advisory and rating organization to provide institutions during their financial transactions the highest possible transparency while conducting business operations.

  • The Deutsches EURO-Institut became very fast a leading fund strategy and placement agent dedicated to supporting asset managers in raising capital from top-tier institutional investors. Hence, the Deutsches EURO-Institut is renowned for our outstanding investor mapping capabilities and market insight, with a streamlined business approach and a focus on execution efficiency.

  • The company is ideally positioned advice funds and to raise institutional capital on a national and international scale across alternative asset classes spanning from infrastructure, Meditech, real estate, and renewable energy over PE/VC and private debt to hedge fund investments.

  • A thorough understanding of the institutional mindset, our vast industry recognition, and established long-term relationships with key institutional investors have given the Deutsches EURO-Institut a distinctive advantage in the rapid closure.

  • Provide superior advisory services to develop a holistic fund strategy

  • Help attract investments for innovative asset managers through inter alia the development of marketing materials, strategic setup, location, legal structures, etc.

  • Guide the development of the legal structures for the Fund

  • Develop a necessary international corporate structure

  • Set up a management office, e.g., in Switzerland, Luxemburg, Monaco, or Germany, to run the daily operations and to welcome investors

  • Define a qualified asset management team


Investor Types


  • Seeking to manage intergenerational wealth

  • Younger family members increasingly looking for impact as well as financial returns

  • Typical investment size US$20-30m


  • Made very substantial returns from sale of business

  • Looking for investments with a purpose

  • Typical investment size US$10-20m


  • Looking for long-term returns independent of the stock market

  • Typical investment US$50m+

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